Crytpon 1
Careful and easy-to-use crypto trading bot for Bittrex


This bot was created for careful and busy traders with basic crypto markets knowledge. Only 3 clicks for start trading on specific market - it’s what Crytpon1 allows you.

Don’t miss big trends

Huge trends in crypto markets forms in hours or minutes. Most of us don’t trade 24/7, so the trading automation is the only way to ‘jump in’ on time constantly.

Avoid significant losses

Crytpon1 acts fast when red period starts, minimizing your losses.
When others read ‘breaking news’ about next crypto-market crash, your assets already in BTC or USD, so you can keep calm and wait for recovery.

Let your profits grow with no emotions

Crytpon1 has no emotions and holds position while profits grow, sells when fall. Very simple, but most of the traders fails here.
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